International Conference

MAY 23-25, 2019

University of Urbino Carlo Bo – ITALY

Does life have a meaning? What is its dignity? How does one find happiness? Gertrude Elizabeth Margaret Anscombe, the philosopher of Limerick, tried to answer these and many other questions during her life. A witty and insightful woman, wife of the philosopher and logic Peter Geach, mother of seven children, pupil of Ludwig Wittgenstein and discussant of C.S. Lewis, a sharp and brilliant mind, Anscombe wrote about ethics, bioethics, politics, religion, history of philosophy, philosophy of mind and much more. Her thought is original and is once again extremely topical because it aims at the real, she is lucid in her theses, she does not lose herself in empty theories, and she constantly wonders how a human being can reach his “flourishing”. The concept of “flourishing” prevails in many of her writings, as if it were her constant search. Affectionate to Aristotelian-Thomist thought that does not neglect the purpose of an action, Anscombe has become the promoter of the new philosophical strand of the Virtue Ethics and returns to speak to today’s multicultural, multi-religious and multiethnic society, but without neglecting in any way the tradition and history that made the thought of the West.


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